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"Valhalla" - Hell Hath Only Fury, S.H. Cooper and Oli A. White


"It Happens" - Dark Recesses Press, Vol. 6, Issue #17, Dark Recesses Press

"Flowers for Larry" - Unnerving Magazine, Issue #17, Unnerving Books



"The Thing With Feathers" -  A Woman Built By Man, Cemetery Gates Media

"You Are Not Connected to the Server" - LampLight Magazine Vol. 10, Issue 2,  Apokrupha

"Transplant" - Chlorophobia,  Edited by A.R. Ward, Ghost Orchid Press 

"No Man's Island" - 99 Tiny Terrors, Edited by Jennifer Brozek, Pulse Publishing



“The Mischief” - The San Cicaro Experience, Thunderbird Studios




“Cicada” - LampLight Magazine Vol. 7, Issue 3, Apokrupha


“Wade” - Humanagerie, Edited by Sarah Doyle and Ashley Allen, Eibonvale Press

“Colloquial,” “Geography,” and “Tread” - Vine Leaves Literary Journal: A Collection of Vignettes from Across the Globe, Vine Leaves Press

“Butterfly Man” - Apex Magazine, Issue 93 Apex Book Company

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