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Former ghost writer of Child Safety pamphlets and Pagan Witchcraft guidebooks. Author of short stories about a wide variety of nightmares and insect-centric flash fiction. Occasional contributor to the Vine Leaves Press opinion column SPILL IT! 

“The Mischief” - The San Cicaro Experience, Thunderbird Studios


“Cicada” - LampLight Magazine, Vol. 7, Issue 3, Apokrupha


“Wade” - Humanagerie, Edited by Sarah Doyle and Ashley Allen, Eibonvale Press


“Colloquial,” “Geography,” and “Tread” - Vine Leaves Literary Journal: A Collection of Vignettes from Across the Globe, Vine Leaves Press


“Butterfly Man” - Apex Magazine, Issue 93 Apex Book Company

“What’s Your Excuse for Thanksgiving?” - SPILL IT! Vine Leaves Press


“Who Has Time for Fiction?” - SPILL IT! Vine Leaves Press

Humanagerie shortlisted for Best Anthology by British Fantasy Society


“Butterfly Man” selected as winner of Apex Magazine’s 2017 Valentine’s Flash Fiction Contest


Member of the Horror Writer’s Association

Raised in several rural towns in Northern California on a steady diet of Stephen King and the Robert Stack hosted Unsolved Mysteries