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Tonya Walter

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Edited by S.H. Cooper and Oli A. White 

Bodies stripped of autonomy, identities denied, freedoms robbed, lives lost. And so much rage. These are not voices that will go gently into this terrible night. These are stories of fright and fighting back. These are stories of reclamation and defiance. These are stories of warriors. 

Because when all they give us is hell, we will respond with only fury.

Hell Hath Only Fury is a charity anthology for the benefit of abortion services in the United States of America following the overturning of Roe v. Wade. 


The Life You Spent Dying by Lilyn George

No Good Man by Elyse Russell

A Gentle, Soft Boy by Oli A. White

The Change by Alice Towey

Imptown by Ann Wuehler

Life Support by Syn McDonald

Teaching Professor Rosenburg by Wondra Vanian

The New Front Line by S.H. Cooper

Minutes to Midnight by Jessica Peter

Bloom by Alice Austin

A Gorgon's Ossuary by Kaitlin Tremblay

My Husband, My Shield by Cat Voleur

Selkie Blood by Caitlin Spice

This Will Only Hurt for a Lifetime by Jamie Perrault

The Unwanted by Bridget D. Brave

They Kept Us In Cages by Kristina Orlea

8W2D by Dana Vickerson

Valhalla by Tonya Walter

All His Worldly Goods by Barbara Krasnoff

Life Begins at Possession by Laurel Hightower

Good Girl by Jeannie Marschall

Let Me Go by Laura G. Kaschak

The Goddess Complex by Sandra Ruttan

Loopholes by Oli A. White

Angels in Her Eyes by S.H. Cooper

Save You From Yourself by Khezu Steak


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