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/ˈtäN(y)ə/ /ˈwôltər/



Former ghost writer of Child Safety pamphlets and Pagan Witchcraft guidebooks, Tonya Walter now writes short stories about a wide variety of nightmares and insect-centric flash fiction.



Intro to Chaos

Available Now!

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For Chaos, ghosts have always been part of the scenery, like birds or old buildings; as long as she didn’t get too close, they were nothing to worry about. That is, until recently. With a mysterious, spectral trumpet player stalking her across the country, Chaos winds up in Carver, California, an old railroad town with more than its fair share of hauntings, making it the last place she wants to be stuck. 
With her ghostly entourage growing and her new friends threatened by a malevolent force from Carver’s twisted past, Chaos must face its demons. To save Carver’s lost souls—not to mention her own skin—she’ll go toe to toe against a raging matriarch, a vengeful pig, a sadistic cowboy, and a pack of possessed dogs, drawing on what she knows of the town’s history to pit its ghosts against each other in a final spiritual showdown.
Can one woman slay a town brimming with the supernatural, or will she become just another piece of the local phantasmagoric puzzle?


Mark Robinson goes Behind the Scream of Intro to Chaos

with his 'From Pitch to Published' author Q&A

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